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©2018 by Kate E. Stokes

About me

Hi There!

My name is

Kate E Stokes.

I am a coach, film maker and writer

I am passionate about creating new and playful experiences for people that help get them an embodied understanding of how their own mind works and their experience is created. 

There is magic when people fall out of their thinking, they can, in a moment, fall out of long held habits like anxiety, stress and overthinking and they are left with just the Wonderland that they are really living in.

There is nothing more fun than watching clients have their own OMG insights and sharing their excitement with them.

If you are interested in exploring the topics in the films more then feel free to get in touch.


The next project I'm working on is an online live Wonderland game that people can play themselves in their own life and get a deeper understanding of thought, mind and consciousness. If that interests you then be sure to sign up below!.