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©2018 by Kate E. Stokes

Welcome to Wonderland!

Follow the White Rabbit... Join Alice in Wonderland as she explores the nature of human experience. Fall down the rabbit hole of how reality is really created and return to your own Wonderland with a greater understanding of where Insight, resilience and clarity come from. Fall blissfully out of your thinking..


'The making of...'

Watch the 'making of' and find out how we made giant teacups and an optical illusion set.

down the rabbit hole.png

Down the Rabbit Hole!

Chapter 1 - Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and find out how reality is not quite as it looks. Curiouser and curiouser! 

drink me.png

Drink me!

Chapter 2 - Where does resilience really come from?


Caterpillar's Advice

Chapter 3 - "who are you?" Alice discovers she is not her thoughts.

mad hatter.png

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Chapter 4 - Where does clarity, insight and wellbeing come from?

alice evidence4.png

Alice's Evidence

Chapter 5 - The space of insight. What is made of thought?